Another Example of eBay Fraud

I was trying to sell my camera and it was ended with Buy It Now.

The winner was from the State so in order to provide him/her the correct shipping fees I went to the post office with the camera and stuffs. I got the quote of A$66.25 deliver by Express Post International with the optional A$21 insurance. Fair right? So I sent the information to the winner.

Within a few hours I got an email from eBay saying that the bid was cancelled due to unauthorized bidding with the bidder account. Great, not the first time happen to me, I told myself, I can just relist it as eBay normally refund the previous listing fees anyway. Life moves on.

Err.. not exactly. Well, I got a few more email from "eBay" and "PayPal" claiming that the bidder has made the payment and the eBay account status has been restored. A few minutes later I got another email from "eBay" claiming that my account has been suspended. Well-done, Mr. It really gave me a 2 seconds fright. All of the emails came with a reply to email address of <>, impressive. The even more impressive things are the PayPal and eBay message body itself. See below.

Apart from the fake emails from eBay and PayPal, he/she also sent me another emil with his/her updated address.


I have paid for the item and i want it shipped via Australia Post to the following address below:

Uchel Benson,
9 Oseni Street,

Hope to hear from you soon.


So I replied to the "bidder",

Australia Post is now not posting anything to Nigeria without the receipient's photo ID. Can you please email/fax a copy of your passport/identity card to me so that I can complete the delivery?

And he/she did reply with a picture.

This is my pics.i have attached it.

So naturally I replied him/her with this,
That is not good for custom. They need a photocopied/scanned ID with your current address on it. Please provide enough information and make the payment via paypal account provided in my auction. Thanks.

Hopefully he/she will get back to me and eventually made the payment. I wish.

So what is the story? EBay has been trying very hard to prevent and fight with the fraud. Paypal is now owned by eBay and they both are trying to come out with a better eMarket place for both the seller and buyer. I have no problem with any of the process they came out with, despite that there are a few weird one that I can see the reason, e.g. seller can no longer leave negative feedback to the buyer.

With all the work done, and hundreds and thousands of fraud come from Nigeria, Indonesia, South Africa (we all heard and might experienced it), there is very little they have done on it. From a IT perspectives, a simple ip trace can avoid a lot of this happening.

If the registered account is origin from Australia but the IP address lodged on the time a bid was placed was in Nigeria, that is a potential fraud. With all the advancement of the technology the check can be done within miliseconds. Too bad if the account holder is really in Nigeria, for vacation or business trip. At the end of the day, both seller and buyer get protected, it saves a lot of affords and time for both the seller and buyer to get things right again after a fraud, for my case, 5 minutes replying the emails to the "bidder", 2 seconds short fright, 1 day wasted for the listed auction and 20 minutes blogging this.

PS: Btw, my camera kits is still listing on eBay. Let me know if any of you are interested.

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  1. Ahhh just the same happened to me, same rigmarole except this time it was from Aus (Where I am) to the US.
    Not clever enough though

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