Celcom First 38 Plan – Not Receiving TAC from Banks

Frustrated with the U Mobile low signal at work which constantly draining my battery, I made the move to port to Celcom last week.

The initial impression was good.  The porting process tool a merely 3 hours after I left the Blue Cube store outside of Sunway Pyramid.  The connection is ok and my phone battery life is back to normal, or better compare to when I was with Maxis.

Two nights ago I was doing some online transactions and noticed I can’t receive TAC from the banks.  I tried all of my credit cards and debit cards, none of them which I managed to get the TAC sent to my mobile phone.  I called up the banks and Celcom for a resolution.  A number of the banks mentioned they can’t do anything and this is a Telco issue.  Celcom told me the short code messages were allowed.  No issue at all parties.

Thinking that it may be my phone that has some spam blocking on the SMS application, which currently is Hangout.  I checked and no particular blocking or filtering are configured.

Eventually after 2 nights, I called up Maybank to check out the operator setting I found after much research online.  After chatting with the support they mentioned the porting has some “leftover” setting from U Mobile and Celcom that was not done correctly.  They told me they will take care of it and got me to test the online transaction again after 10 minutes.

Guess what, I can now receive TAC from all banks.  Lessons learned.

Celcom FIRST Basic 38 comes with 3 GB data + 3 GB Wi-Fi

2 thoughts on “Celcom First 38 Plan – Not Receiving TAC from Banks”

  1. I thought I was the only one with this problems. I called the bank and they said I need to update to them if we ever made port out or port in. After that, I can receive the TAC number but it is not the short code. I think it was a temporary number which is long, not the usual 5 digit number. Then I try it again several times over the week. Unfortunately I can only receive it only for 2 days. I chat with the Celcom Care and he mentioned that he cannot do anything from here. He said that I need to go the Celcom Centre. Zzzz. Then after a week, the bank called me, said something about the report I made, he said that Celcom is blocking the short code 5-digit number for TAC and I need to contact them to unblock it. I did called them and she said that I need to wait for 3 days for the IT team to unblock it and try it after the day. Still cant received any today. Sigh.

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