Upgrading Windows 7 Pro VM to Windows 10

Well as you know I like my VMware Workstation labs.  I have been running the Windows 10 preview in my lab for a while and I thought maybe it is time to properly license it now that it has been rollout for quite sometime.  I am running Windows 10 pro as my host OS which upgraded as part of the preview tester.

For the VM, I am thinking may I can install a previous non enterprise version of the Windows and upgrade to Windows 10.  Unfortunately I have lost most of my Technet subscriptions downloads (T.T) but I do have the ISO for Windows 7 Ultimate Pro with the Technet license assigned to me.  So I installed a copy of the Windows 7 on a VM and wait for the update to arrive.

Yes it did show me to notification to update but it stopped at the following screen.


Bugger.  But,  Google is your friend.

I came across this post which provide a fix to allow your Windows 7 in VM to upgrade to Windows 10 without the SVGA issue.

And so I have the first Windows 10 VM licensed and ready to be cloned for many more.  Thank you Google.


PS:  Oh yea I also force the update immediately without waiting for it by visiting this link.  The Windows 10 download should show up after you check for Windows Update again under the Optional section.

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