My New Ride

Yes time flies and I had been driving my Prton Perdana V6 for almost 22 months.  The ride quality was comfortable and reasonably quiet.  At times I almost forgot it was a 12 years old car.

In the recent months the car has been giving me more trouble.  Apart from the routine maintainence which I do, as my other cars in the past, there were things just started to age.

Originally my plan for the car was to get it repaint and fixed up the dents, flush out all of the fliuds again and use it for the next 6 months.  I was even planning to drive it up north for my pre-wedding photoshoot.

This had gotten me rethink of the planning four weeks ago, when my gf bff came to visit us.  The car broke down at the middle of a hill at night, raining while we were planning for a visit to Inside Scoop.  Lucky for us, we were very close to our place, and I managed to reverse the car in free flow manner to a safe spot wihtout causing more trouble.

That is it.

So I told myself, this car is not reliable to fit in my plan anymore and I have decided to change car within the next 2 weeks.  So I look at my first choice, and ended up … skipping it.

The reason, simple, it is an old car too despite how much I love to drive a E60, I had to find a reliable car to travel around with my gf.  So I went for my second choice.  It was withina similar budget range, but a newer vehicle still with remaining 3.5 years manufacturer warranty as a pre-owned car.  I present you, another Proton.

SONY ILCE-7 (35mm, f/8, 1/60 sec, ISO100)

Well, I am a petrolhead.  I read a lot about cars and I know what I want.  The fact is, what I want is not what I need this time round.  I needed a car that give me less trouble, reasonably new, within my budget and reasonaly free of trouble.  From my months or reseasrch, the Suprima S has very little problem.  Well, at least the owners at the forums are not complaining about a lot of major issue apart from the integrated multimedia screen.  I am confident that my investment will be a wise one.  And so it is.

I have been driving the Suprima S for 3 weeks.  Lack of power?  No.  Enough power for me?  No.  Sound proofing definately need to improve.  Handling I can’t comment at this point in time, as the tyres are so bad that it understeer at almost every corner I took at the speed I usually keeps.

Being a used car the previuos owner kept it reasonaly well.  There are dents on the bonnect which I think it is an easy fix.  The driver side door was out of alignment manner.  I sent to the Proton Service Center at USJ for the first service, surprise suprise they asked me to pay for a new door as the realignment didn’t fix the problem.  I choose to leave it as is.  For Now.

Overall,  I am a happy man.  Knowning that I SHOULD be having a less hassle car for the next few years with a reasonable price.

OH yes, I like the front parking sensors.  I managed to do a U turn at a very tight corner I never thought I can.  🙂


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