VMWare and SME Server

Virtual machine is no longer news to us (IT Professionals). Virtualized servers have been used on production for years. MS has also launched similar product called Virtual Server and they also changed the licensing to reduce the cost of OS if they are being used on virtualized environment.

The idea is haven't more then one OS running on a computer at once. It is difference from the traditional dual boot mode where, dual boot only allow one OS boot up at once. With the help of VM technologies, one can load as many OS on your computer as you like, provided that your system have enough resource for the guest OS.

For instance, this website, lowtechplace.com, this blog, the gallery and the email are all host by a Linux server (Redhat) running as a guest OS on top of a Windows XP Pro workstation without anything connected to it. Opps, my mistake, new Canon MF3110 multifunction printer connected to it since yesterday. 😛 But there are no keyboard, no mouse and no monitor, oh of course, a network cable is connected.

With the use of the VMWare technology I can basically run multiple instances of the servers for testing and development purpose, on a computer. The cost? Extra disk space and RAM. There are really some other advantages about using a VM. For example, I can simply copy the VM image and run the same instance of the VM at another computer without any problem. As you can imagine, the virtualized environment will not change.

So here you go. You can visit the websites and try it out.


Memory Game – Computer Specs since I Was In Perth


1. P2 200Mhz, 64Mb RAM, I740 chipset display card, BX board.
2. Celeron 466, 256Mb, TNT2, BX board with socket convertor.
3. Duron 800, 256Mb, socket A?, TNT2, Asus board.
4. Athlon XP 1800+, 512Mb, socket A, Geforce2 MX 32Mb.
5. Sempron 2800+, Socket A, MSI board, Geforce 6200 256Mb, 512Mb RAM.
6. Celeron 2.8, 1Gb, Socket 775, Intel board, ATI Express chipset.

1. Acer Extensa 230, P 233, 32Mb, 2Gb HDD.
2. Clevo P3 500, 512Mb RAM, 20Gb HDD
3. Dell P4 1.8, 256Mb, 30Gb.
4. Acer Travelmate 4000, P4 1.6, 256Mb, 40Gb HDD
5. Compaq V2417, Sempron 2800+, 1Gb RAM, 40Gb HDD.

Erm, not bad over 8 years in Australia ya.

Memory Game – Car I have Driven

Toyota Corrolla 78
Toyota Cressida 85
Proton Saga Gl 91
Proton Wira GLi 95
Honda Accord Si 89
Honda Civic Gli 96
Toyota Torago Gl 03
Toyota Camry V6 00
Toyota Corolla Ascent 00
Toyota Corrola Ascent 04
Toyota Prado Ti? 02
Nissan Turrano 96
Proton Kancil ?
Nissan 180sx
Nissan Skyline GTR 00
Subaru WRX Vi? 98
Mitsubishi Lancer Gli 00
Mitsubishi Magna V6 3.5L ? 01

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